Community Education

Community Support Program

As part of its national Asthma Management Program, the Australian Government is funding the Asthma Foundations of Australia to deliver two new programs to support people with asthma and linked chronic respiratory conditions.

The Asthma Child and Adolescent Program will provide information and training for school and preschool staff to learn about asthma management and how to respond in an emergency. This program will also provide information for parents and support adolescents to improve their asthma self-management.

The Asthma Community Support Program will help people learn more about the safe management of asthma and linked chronic respiratory conditions in the community. This program provides targeted education to priority groups within Australia, to ensure best practice asthma management is available to everyone. Priority groups for this program include:

·          Older Australians

·          People living in rural and remote areas

·          Indigenous Australians

·          People experiencing social disadvantage

·          People from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse backgrounds.

Programs currently available include:

·          National Aged Care Program